New Year's Eve 2000

Noe 4 months old

Happy Holidays! Noe celebrated her first Christmas and New Year's Eve. She was thrilled to find a bunch of new toys in her stocking from "Santa Kitty". Noe is certainly growing! The most noticeable change in her is her long, bushy tail. Noe generally has two different states: full of energy, or in deep sleep. You'll see that most of these pictures were taken of her at her sweeter, less energetic moments. (That's not to say that she isn't running around the house at top speeds 5 minutes after the pictures were taken.) Noe doesn't seem to notice that she's growing and getting heavier. She continues to enjoy sitting (or standing) on our shoulders.

01dick_noe 02dick_noesleeping 03dickcoveredcats 04trina_noe 05marcelsleeping
01dick_noe.jpg 02dick_noesleepi... 03dickcoveredcat... 04trina_noe.jpg 05marcelsleeping...
06trina_noe 07trina_marcel 10dick_marcel_piano 18dick_noe_candles 19noe_candles
06trina_noe.jpg 07trina_marcel.jpg 10dick_marcel_pi... 18dick_noe_candl... 19noe_candles.jpg
20dick_noe_champagne 21trina_dick_noe 22dick_marcel 23marcelsleeping 24dick_noe_shoulder
20dick_noe_champ... 21trina_dick_noe... 22dick_marcel.jpg 23marcelsleeping... 24dick_noe_shoul...
26noe_dick'shead 28noe_trinashoulder 29trina_noesleeping 32noesleeping 33trina_noesleeping
26noe_dick'shead... 28noe_trinashoul... 29trina_noesleep... 32noesleeping.jpg 33trina_noesleep...