Noe's first week with Dick & Trina

Introducing Noe!
Noe was adopted on the evening of Sunday, September 3rd after Dick and Trina heard her crying in the back yard. The vet estimated her age to be approximately 5 days. Her eyes were closed, and her ears were folded over. She weighed less than 5 ounces.

Noe opened her eyes on Wednesday, Sept. 5th. They were very dark, and very cloudy. Over the next few days, they cleared up, and were a beautiful dark blue. Noe lived in a cardboard box (with her yellow fuzzy bone to keep her company) in Dick's guest bathroom. We were able to control the temperature of the room with a small heater, and maintained it at 80 to 85 degrees.

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9_06withdick 9_08closeup 9_08inbox 9_08intrinashands 9_08upsidedown
9_06withdick.jpg 9_08closeup.jpg 9_08inbox.jpg 9_08intrinashand... 9_08upsidedown.jpg
9_09dicknoe 9_09inbox 9_09inhand 9_09inhand2 9_09sittingoncounter
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9_09upsidedown 9_09wetkitty 9_09wetkitty2
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