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Paula Best and Co. is a Northern California based rubber stamp company. They were looking for a web designer with an artistic background to create their site. Paula's designs feature images of women, animals, and quotes. By utilizing Paula's unique and inspirational art, I created a site that reflects the personality of her designs. Paula uses her own handwriting in many of her graphic designs. I had a font made of her handwriting, and used it to throughout the site to add an additional personal touch.

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Please Note: I stopped updating Paula Best's rubber stamp site in March 2003. I have posted a portfolio version of the paulabest.com site as it was when I completed my work. My portfolio version consists of the orignal main landing page only, and does not include any links to the remainder of the site. I am showing it strictly as a design sample of my work, and should not be confused with the current paulabest.com site.

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