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www.gefacareertrips.com 2003 sample

The GE Financial Advisors group hired me to create a site promoting the new incentive trip destinations for their sales agents.

This site was quite different from any sites I had previously designed. Aside from the regular design and layout, it required a variety of interactive scripts. It is not intended to be a site for the general public to see, so it had to be password protected. They also wanted a fun interactive game, so the agents would be entertained while reading the information. I incorporated a "Multiple Choice Quiz" script, which asks the participants to answer 3 questions about the information they had just read. Finally, the company needed to collect the mailing address of each participant so that they could print out mailing labels.

This is a sample of the design that I created for my second year of working with GE Financial Advisors.

We decided that the web site should be more image-oriented this year. I created a design that layed out more like a vacation destination brochure. It is comprised of several pages (versus the single page in 2002's design) and has multiple images corresponding to the descriptive copy.

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The "catch phrase" for this year's incentive destination was "Up Over, Down Under". I created several graphics throughout the site that lent well to the theme.

Because the actual site is intended to be viewed only by the sales agents of the company, it is password protected.

In order to show this site for portfolio purposes, I have created a directory of the same site on my own server. Please click this link to view my portfolio version of www.gefacareertrips.com 2003.

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