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Dave and Virginia Memmler, owners of Raggedy-Country are authorized Raggedy Ann merchandise dealers. When they decided to redesign their site, they found a designer who also happened to be an avid Raggedy Ann collector! My goal in designing Raggedy-Country's site was to make sure it had all of the warmth and personality of a Raggedy Ann Doll. I also wanted to make sure that it was a unique design that was quite different from their competitors.

Dave Memmler hand-painted the heart balloons, and the new logo. I thought it added a personal, home-crafted touch that the Memmlers pride themselves with for their business.

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Please Note:
The owners of Raggedy Country retired in September, 2004. The original site is no longer available. This is a sample page of their site. This is intended to be viewed for the sole purpose of an example for my portfolio.

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