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Trina Chow Design

  I was first introduced to the Macintosh computer in January of 1984. During the telecast of Super Bowl, Apple Computer aired the infamous "1984"-themed Macintosh commercial. I was thirteen at the time, and was completely hooked. This is where it all began. This was when I became a "Geek".

In January of 1994, I began working on the Creating Dance with Life Forms project at the High Tech Center of Community Colleges. I was originally hired-on because of my experience in computers, animation, and dance. It was during this time that I began to experiment in ways of combining my interests in art and computers. I began to combine computer generated art and animation with "traditional" mediums, and vice-versa.

In the fall of 1995, I moved to San Francisco to attend The San Francisco Art Institute. I had heard that the school was opening the new Center for Digital Media, and was amazed that there was a school where I could do both traditional fine art, as well as work on computers. I became interested in the process of incorporating elements of my "traditional" paintings, drawings, and installations, into the world of multi-media. During this time, I began to explore the vast possibilities of Director, and finished my first experimental multi-media project, The Living Painting which involved digitally scanning a slide of an acrylic painting I had made and animating paint strokes and characters dancing in and out of it.

I began working with designer, and interactive multimedia artist, Abbe Don in February of 1996. I have gained a multitude of experiences while working as the Production Assistant of Abbe Don Interactive, and have helped her on various projects, including Bubbe's Back Porch, and Electric Minds.

Inspired by Don's We Make Memories, and also by my own desire to learn more about my family's history, I am currently working on my newest project: a multimedia based Family Tree. This piece will trace the roots of my family back to the villages of Southern China, which my Paternal Grandfather was the first of his family to leave in 1937.

I started my own web design company in the spring of 1997. I take great pride in the design and production work that goes into each individual site. I do the initial design and implementation of most of my client's sites, and I also continue to work with all of my clients by updating and maintaining each. A partial list of my clients include Camp SARK, ADLER & Co. Fine Art and Animation Gallery, Portal Publications, and San Francisco State University. To see a complete list of my clients and a sample of each project, please visit my online Portfolio.

One more thing to mention: I have one other obsession. I have been Collecting Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls ever since I received my first at age 2. In May of 1993, I attended my first Raggedy Ann and Andy Festival in Arcola, IL, and met with many thousands of other collectors. I have a Web page dedicated to my collection, and believe it or not, it has received more hits than any other. If you've never experienced my "Raggedy Ann Room", please drop by my Raggedy Ann and Andy Collection page. You might be amazed.

Still want to know more about me? I've recently added a blog to my site. I'll be adding random thoughts to it on a semi-regular basis.

Thanks for dropping by, and for taking the time to surf through my site. Any comments or suggestions are always welcome.

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Cat Chow | Raggedy Ann Collection | Resume | E-Mail

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