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Discordant Angel

discordant angel This was actually my final for a drawing class that I took years ago. We were given the title "Discordant Angel" and were told to create something based on the title.

The first thing I thought of were children, and how many commercial icons there were in the world that had a huge (if not negative) affect on them growing up.

To me, Barbie is on the top of this list. I knew I wanted to do *something* with this girl.

First stop: the Toys R Us Barbie row. Oh, my! Who knew there was so much pink in the world.

I found a Barbie doll with "Angel Wings" and knew I had the start of a very interesting project.

"Discordant Angel" is a conceptual piece. I would like to believe that someday I will have the funds to create it at full, life-sized scale.

Imagine walking into a "Barbie House" - a Pink House on the exterior and interior full of Barbie clothes, Barbie furniture, Barbie shoes, etc., The walls are wallpapered with images of barbie.

In the background, Meryn Cadell's "Barbie" is playing. It's an eerie tune about how Barbie has everything, and how we all want to be Barbie.

Now envision grafitti drawn across all of the walls, furniture, and clothing. Words like "Rape", "Fat", "Anorexia", "Racism", "Gay Bashing" distracts the viewer from being able to see "Barbie's Perfect World".