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The Living Painting


Note: The Living Painting Shockwave file is relatively large (5 MB) and may take a few minutes to download.

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The original Director version of The Living Painting was created in December, 1995. It was the earliest stage of an experimental process which I hope to explore futher in the near future. The original acrylic painting is 48" x 36" in size. I took a slide of it, and scanned it into digital form. Once it was imported to Director, I animated it using figures from Life Forms and Poser. The figures were intended to appear as if they were dancing in and out of the brushstrokes, bringing the painting "to life". The animation was also synched to music by Meryn Cadell.

The Living Painting was my first experiment using interactive technology. Once you download the file, you'll see buttons at the bottom of the screen that allows the user to play or stop the piece, or turn the audio on or off.

In Feb. 2002, I finally converted this director file into a shockwave file so I could put it up on the web. Technology has come a long way since I did this in 1995. This piece was originally created on a Powermac 6100. It ran slowly, and synched perfectly with the music. Today, it plays really, really, really fast - more than twice the original speed. Oh well, you'll get the basic concept of the piece still. Gotta love fast technology.