Trina's Raggedy Ann Paintings

These three paintings are a small sample of the paintings that I completed while in art school. The dates range from 1993-1995. To see my other paintings and drawings, please click here.

rags painting
18" x 18"
Acrylic on Canvas

This painting was done as a class assignment in my first semester acrylic painting class. It is intended (and hopefully succeeded) as a photo-realistic piece. I arranged 8 of my favorite (at that time!) Raggedy Ann dolls in this composition and took a photograph of them. I then created the painting based off of the photograph. If you've seen many of my "Raggedy of the Month" dolls, you might recognize some of the dolls chosen to be in this painting!
Raggedy Ann Stories Painting
"Raggedy Ann Stories"
36" x 48"
Oil on Canvas/Acrylic on Plexiglass
To date, this is probably one of my favorite paintings that I've ever had the pleasure to create. Johnny Gruelle's "Raggedy Ann Stories" was always my favorite book as a child. I especially loved the "look" that he gave her in the illustrations in this book. This painting is made of two different parts. One is the oil painting is is based off of the cover of the "Raggedy Ann Stories" book. The second is a sheet of plexiglass that I attached to the wooden frame that I built around the painting. The plexiglass is raised about an inch off of the surface of the painting. On the reverse side of the plexi, I printed out the text from the Preface and Dedication page of "Raggedy Ann Stories". It was always my favorite part of the entire book! I think that I succeeded in capturing what I see as the essence of Raggedy Ann in this piece.

24" x 24"
Oil on Canvas
Based off of one of my favorite illustrations in "Raggedy Ann Stories", this was one of my first oil paitings.
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