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The Official Raggedy Ann & Andy Museum

Tom and Joni (Gruelle) Wannamaker built this amazing museum in Arcola, IL, birthplace of Johnny Gruelle. You can become a member and help to support this wonderful tribute to Raggedy Ann & Andy.

"RAGS Newsletter"
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"Rags" is published in Arcola, Illinois -- birthplace of Johnny Gruelle (creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy), and home of the Annual Raggedy Ann & Andy Festival and the Johnny Gruelle Raggedy Ann & Andy Museum.

"Rags newsletter was started and published for 12 years by Barbara Barth of Atlanta, Georgia. In June, 2000, "Rags" was purchased by Rankin Publishing Co. of Arcola, IL. Barbara continues to be a consultant for "Rags."Click here to subscribe.

Raggedy Andrew

Andrew Tabbat has one of the most thorough Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy collections that I have ever seen. Andrew is a true Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy historian, and is the author of several books about the history of the dolls.

The Last Great Company

You're in for a real treat! Kim Gruelle's Raggedy Ann and Andy store, The Last Great Company,has recently put up their own site on the web. The site features some history on our two favorite dolls, as well as the price list for some of the merchandise available through his company.

The Raggedy Ann and Andy Homepage

Charles Platt has done of wonderful job of compiling a list of sites relating to Raggedy Ann and Andy. His list not only includes other Raggedy Web Pages, but also includes new merchandise, ads, and various other things (such as stamps, floats, or art work) which features Raggedy Ann and Andy. Kudos to Charles for constantly keeping up with all of the change in the Raggedy World, and for updating his page in order to keep the rest of us informed!

Kid Stuff

Dave and Virginia Memmler are the new "kids" on the web. Their site offers a nice variety of Raggedy Ann and Andy merchandise.

Raggedy Man's Homepage

Visit the Raggedy Man Homepage, and you'll find yourself inside the world of Raggedys and Teddys. Larry and Bonnie Vaughan's business has made it possible for raggedy collectors world wide to find and buy Raggedy Ann and Andy merchandise over the internet.

Designs by Gloria and Pat, Inc.

Designs by Gloria & Pat,Inc. are the new licensee for Raggedy Ann & Andy in cross stitch. They have several new cross stitch patterns featuring Raggedy Ann & Andy!

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