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Choo and May

Choo and May 1947

Choo 1947 Choo: I was twenty-eight or twenty-nine when I met your Grandma. I went to China to "find a bride" in '47. My friend's teacher told me to go see her student. She told her to take me all around China.

May: I was just showing him around, that's all. If I know he was looking for a wife, me, I would never have agreed to go. But we got along really well. Grandad, he's perfect, I think. He never gets mad. May 1947

Choo: We go all around China, huh?

May: We went to his sister's place, and we looked at the girls. There were girls there all lined up and everything, you know? But by that time, I had decided that I really liked him. Let's just say that it was love at first sight. He's such a nice person.

Choo: I liked your Grandma when I first met her. One month was all. We only waited a couple of weeks.

May: Yeah, my Mother, she said, "You know, he's older than you are. Don't worry about that. Your father was older than me. Remember that when they're older, they take good care of you.

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