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Chuck and May

Chuck and May 1947

Chuck: This is when we got married. I was twenty-seven. Your Grandma was fifteen. When I went back to China in '47, this was taken. This picture is pretty good. How did I meet your Grandma? Well, her auntie talked to my Great Uncle. Just like match maker. "Go back and marry my niece." Okay.

May 1947 May: How did I meet Grandpa? My auntie. She met him in United States. And Grandpa's Uncle.... they just talked about it. And then my Auntie said, "I got a niece..they want to come over." It was an arranged marriage.

Chuck 1947 Did I like him? Well.......... we couldn't say nothing, because it was a long time ago, in China. Only the parents arrange everything, you know. Everything was okay. He was a nice guy. Yeah, he was a nice guy. And then, after I met him, then one week, grandpa's mother and auntie come from the village At first we wanted to get married American style, you know, but then Grandpa's mother said, "No, no. You can't do that. You have to go back to the village." Because she only had one child, and she wanted him to get married inside the village. Because Grandpa had a Grandma, and a Great-Grandma. A lot of people came out to the village that I didnt' know.

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