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Barbie Lombard Street
Barbie Lombard Street

While I attended the San Francisco Art Institute, I took a sculpture class where we were instructed to create a "site specific" piece. I walked by the famed Lombard Street everyday on my way to class. It fascinated me to see the amount of people taking pictures at the base of the street every day. It was even more interesting that the street was going through months of construction, and was just as much of a tourist attraction as ever.

The first part of my Barbie Lombard Street project was the "Barbie Letters", where I went to the street and took pictures of random tourists. I collected their names and addresses and would later send a photo of them posing for a picture with Barbie on Lombard street. Don't get me wrong - I'm not obsessed with the whole Barbie phonemenon - I actually can't stand it. I had just completed the Discordant Angel project, and must have been on a roll.

The Barbie Lombard Street picture you see above was the final stage of the project. I scanned a postcard of the street, and turned everything Barbie Bubblegum Pink. I think it created an interesting affect. Forget the Barbie Dreamhouse - now the girl has her own San Francisco Street!

I had dozens of postcards made, and passed them out on campus and to visitors on Lombard Street.