This is Noe. Dick and I found her on the Sunday September 3, 2000. After being jolted awake by the 5.2 earthquake at 1:30a.m., we both heard a loud chriping noise coming from outside. We found her the next morning in Dick's backyard, but thought we should leave her there in case her momma cat came back. After hearing her cry throughout the next day, we figured she must have been abandoned.

When we took her to the vet that evening, they estimated her age to be about 5 days. Her eyes were not yet open and she weighed less than 5 ounces.

We decided to take her in and take care of her. That is, we agreed that she should be Dick's kitten, but that we would both take care of her. We've been nursing her by feeding her Milk Replacer Formula by bottle every four hours.

I am a picture-taking maniac. I also love Dick's digital camera.

Please enjoy breezing through our photos of Noe.

Noe's first week - age 5 days through 13 days

Noe's second week - age 14 days to 19 days

Noe's third week - age 19 days to 27 days

Noe's fourth & fifth week - age 5 & 6 weeks

Noe's sixth & seventh week - age 7 & 8 weeks

Noe's eighth & ninth week - age 9 & 10 weeks

Noe celebrates the holidays! Age 4 months